Mussenden Unwind 

Mussenden Unwind - Afternoon Tea & A Little Time for Me - 23rd September at Mussenden Temple - 1pm-7pm

Join us for an end of summer wellness experience inside Northern Irelands most iconic building Mussenden Temple. 

Mussenden Temple opened its doors for the first time in November2022, offering exclusive dining experiences. Mussenden Sea Salt, in partnership with National Trust, are pleased to announce that we are offering another opportunity to experience this iconic landmark with, our Mussenden Unwind - Afternoon Tea & A Little Time for Me.  

This wellness and dining experience is the perfect opportunity, to embrace the beautiful setting of Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne, in a truly unique and exclusive way. 

We invite you to Join us as we slip from teacups, taste flavoursome local food, in our end of summer grazing feast, It truly is  the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Followed by an afternoon of wellness.



The Experience

The experience begins at the Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne, followed by ending your summer and the day under the stars on the beach. 

On arrival at the Lions Gate Entrance, you will be warmly welcomed and guided by the National Trust team, This breath taking walk is only a short walk through the Downhill Demesne to the steps of Mussenden Temple.  As the temple doors open to the sound of the sea below, you are warmly welcomed by Claire from Mussenden Sea Salt and this iconic and incredible building, unspoilt by modern features.  There is no where quiet like Mussenden Temple and its surrounding landscape, offers you an atmospheric and authentic Afternoon Tea and Wellness experience, designed to relax, restore and let the stresses of everyday slip away.

The Afternoon begins with an introduction from Claire and a National Trust team member, who will bring the story of Mussenden Temple alive.

As we relax and take in the stunning location, you are encouraged to relax, and enjoy your grazing table, a showcase of local food producers. Claire will take you on a journey of wellness by bringing the ancient stories of wellness from the local area, a hidden history of how the land and sea offers an opportunity to rest and restore. Before introducing signature wellness.  Followed by Anette from Little Penny introducing you to Wellness from Within.

The afternoon ends, with an outdoor wellness experience, soaking the sights and sounds of the stunning beach area, stopping to relax in The Hot box Sauna, Ireland first outdoor beach sauna. 

There's a sense that the ancient stories live on amongst the fabric of this landscape - there's magic in the mountains, spirit in the sea, and Claire from Mussenden Sea Salt, marries the ancient with the modern, the luxury with the sustainable and creates a truly memorable wellness experience.

Highlights of the Experience include:

  • Exclusive access to Mussenden Temple

  • Grazing Summer Feast, featuring local food produce

  • Claire will introduce you to Signature Wellness, tips, and techniques for easing stress & Awakening the old stories 

  • Meditation

  • Special Guest – Annette Kelly from A Little Time for Me, who will introduce you to Wellness from Within.

  • Wild Swimming – This element is recommended, not compulsory, dipping a toe, or walking along the shore, is perfect also.​



Event Guidelines
Please note, this is not our ‘A Taste of Mussenden’ 

Experience and is not a sit-down taster menu, this is a Wellness Event with Afternoon Tea.

Please avoid high spikey heels, flats are perfect to walk to the temple, please wear relatively
warm & Comfortable clothing, As this is an 17th century building untouched by modern features.
Please wear flat shoes, due to the short walk to the temple.

Our menu is prearranged and cannot be altered, the dishes may contain allergies, please
contact us before booking. We cannot guarantee a Nut or allergy free environment.

- Toilets are available and whilst they are at the entrance to bishop’s gate, this is only a short walk across this stunning cliff walk.

Due to potential staining of the stunning flooring, our menu has been fixed and there will be no foods or drinks that has a potential to stain the floor.

We would also ask you not to bring any red or rose-coloured soft drinks please, this has the potential to stain the stunning flooring of Mussenden Temple.

We would also ask you to please not smoke on the site of Mussenden Temple, the site is fully no smoking.

Mussenden Unwind An Embrace a Giant Experience.


Upon your arrival at the stunning Downhill beach, you'll meander across the wooden walkway, where the mountain meets the shore. There's a sense that the ancient stories live on amongst the fabric of this landscape - there's magic in the mountains, spirit in the sea, and if you stop and listen, you may hear the whisper of the wells.

Claire, your expert local guide, takes you on to the ancient woodland of Downhill Forest, introducing you to parts of the forest that offer a release from the stresses of everyday living, and encourage you to soak up the atmosphere, taking time to enjoy the company of the trees and the sounds of the birds. This is nature's therapy at its best.

Then you'll head for a dip in the nearby ocean - those waves are calling to you! Whether you're a keen sea swimmer, or prefer a gentle walk along the shoreline, this is your time to disconnect from the to-do lists and just enjoy being in nature. Thoroughly refreshed, you'll get wrapped up in a cosy dry robe before sitting down to a wild cooked meal. There's opportunities to get involved cooking local produce and foraged ingredients, and you may even be joined by a local chef.

The dining area is right at the foot of the cliffs upon which the famous Mussenden Temple is perched. It’s the perfect place to unwind in the natural elements, so make the most of the picturesque setting. Listen to the rhythmic sound of the crashing waves and feel the sand beneath your feet as you tuck into delicious local produce. On days when the weather is inclement, your meal will be served at a local restaurant.

Throughout the experience, it's clear that Claire likes to encourage visitors to connect with the spirit of the sea. She’ll help you do just that with her stories of the myths and legends of the beautiful Causeway Coast. She’ll also awaken in you a new appreciation of how the land and sea can promote wellness – as they have done in this part of the world for many generations. As the experience comes to a close, you’ll be leaving with great memories and newly acquired skills, plus a gift of the sea’s bounty in the form of the local sea salt. What a treat!

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