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Oven baked Fish & Sliced Potatoes



1 piece of Northern Ireland Cod or fish of choice per person 

1/3 teaspoon of Mussenden Sea Salt and Saccharina (100 % Northern Irish) 

1 knob of butter 

2 potatoes 

Veg of choice 



Preheat oven. 

Wash and slice potatoes.

  • Rub filets of fish with butter and season with Mussenden Sea Salt and Saccharina. 
  • Place each fillet of fish in its own piece of baking foil, ensuring that there is enough to wrap the fish.
  • Place in preheated oven for 20 mins, or until cooked thoroughly. Fish is normally cooked when it flakes easily.
  • cook veg as desired, we usually oven bake with a small knob of butter. 


  • shallow fry sliced potatoes in Rapeseed oil